Steve Taylor – How Oneness Leads to Goodness: The Spiritual Source of Compassion and Altruism

Githa Ben-David – Heal the Pineal: Detox with Hung Song

Prof Robert Hesse – Neural and Anatomical Correlates of Memories of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences

Professor Lord Richard Layard – Can We Be Happier? Evidence, Ethics and Politics 

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Recordings are now available for our previous events. Click on the banners to go to their specific events pages where you buy access to them.

Transcendental Meditation: An Antidote to Violence?

Catherine Lucas – The Rebirth of People & Planet in a Time of Global Emergency

Prof Stephen Post – One Mind and the Ultimate Reality of Pure Unlimited Love

Prof Keith Ward – Religion and Spirituality in the Modern World

Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund – Secularity and Science: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

The Primacy of Consciousness – The Next Great Scientific Revolution?

All in the Same Canoe – Indigenous Approaches to Consciousness and Culture

Beyond Flatland – A Day on Transformative Ways of Knowing

Dr Jim Garrison – Humanity Rising: Co-creating a Cultural and Spiritual Renaissance for our Time

Emily Thomas – Philosophers Abroad: The Meaning of Travel

Beyond The Brain, 6-8 November

Resetting Our Future – The Power to Create a Better Tomorrow

Vasileios Basios – Lessons Learned from Complexity Theory: Are We at a Tipping Point in Consciousness Studies?

Chris Bache – LSD and the Mind of the Universe

Anne Baring: Awakening to a New Story

Prof Jeffrey Kripal The Flip: Who You Really Are and Why It Matters

Entangled Life: book launch and discussion with Dr Merlin Sheldrake

Fantastic Fungi: Film and panel

September 4 • IONS: Key Lessons on Life and Living from Death and Dying

August 25 • Jonathon Porritt

August 20 • Craig Weiler

August 13 • Robert Verkerk

August 5 • Riane Eisler

July 23 • Serge Beddington-Behrens

July 16 • Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl poster

July 4 • Andrew Fellows

June 23rd: Revolutionary Love

June 9: Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency


May 30: Strengthening Your Resilience in a Time of Crisis


May 16 • The Power of the Sacred Feminine

May 12 • In Florence Nightingale’s Footsteps



Upcoming Event Speakers

Michael Lerner
Michael Lerner
David Lorimer
David Lorimer
Andrew Fellows
Andrew Fellows
Lars Muhl
Lars Muhl


A wonderful, stimulating, through provoking and warm-hearted weekend

Non-stop delightful discovery and endless conversation

I value the people and connections as much as the subject and speakers

My second event. It gets better and better. I feel isolated in London. Here I get a sense of ‘group’. Fabulous talks

Recent Conference: New Dimensions of Interconnectedness


Many inspiring and creative responses are emerging in response to the current pandemic panic that may open up the possibility for the kind of defining breakthrough and cultural renaissance that the Network has been working towards over many decades.

Following the postponement of our scheduled Mystics and Scientists conference – Re-enchanting the World – consciously connecting with the deep wisdom of nature – we were delighted to offer instead a weekend of live webinars featuring well-known international speakers, each of whom gave powerful presentations of their personal and professional take on this within the context of our overall theme.

If you were unable to join these events live you can still enjoy them by purchasing access to the recordings of all four sessions. Click on the Previous Recordings menu above for more details and to purchase.

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