A joint event with Changemakers Books 

Saturday, 27 March • 4:00-6:00 PM (GMT)

Did humankind learn the right lessons from the coronavirus pandemic?  

What will it take to get us ready for the  next  pandemic and other potential disastersWe have sophisticated tools at our disposal for analysing emerging trends and risks, such as strategic foresight. And we have massive resources – financial, material and scientific. We also have robust institutions, such as the WHO, World Bank, IMF, and extensive global humanitarian and development networks. The building blocks exist to build a resilient and adaptable future for all. But do we have the wisdom and the will to act on what we know? 

Join the conversation with two pragmatic visionaries,  Anne Kabagambe, author of ‘ A Global Playbook for the Next Pandemic’,  and Bart Édes, author of  ‘Learning from Tomorrow: Using Strategic Foresight to Prepare for the Next Big Disruption’.  They will share insights from their books and long careers as development experts and leaders in an interactive dialogue format, moderated by Tim Ward (Publisher, Changemakers Books). In part two, David Lorimer will lead an open discussion with the authors and all participants on these three questions:  

1. Given policymakers tendencies to focus on short-term fixes, how can we citizens influence our leaders to improve their planning for future disasters? 

2. Humanity’s ability to imagine our future is one of the things that makes us unique as a species. Yet we have created looming systemic crises we seem powerless to fix – climate change, environmental destruction, overconsumption, inequality… How could we actually improve as a species on prioritising the future? 

3. What do we owe to future generations – and to the planet – when it comes to preventing foreseeable disasters? 


Please click on following links or images for more information and to purchase the books.

Resetting Our Future: A Global Playbook for the Next Pandemic, by Anne Kabagambe


Resetting Our Future: Learning from Tomorrow, by Bart Édes

Anne Kabagambe

Anne Kabagambe served as Executive Director of the World Bank Group between 2016 and 2020, where she represented the interests of 22 Sub-Saharan African countries. She is currently an Independent Director at Barrick Gold Corporation. Ms. Kabagambe has 35 years of experience spanning a diverse range of senior leadership positions in international institutions, including as Chief of Staff at the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Bart Édes

Bart Édes is an experienced international trade and development policy specialist analyzing transformative trends reshaping Asia & the world. He is a Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC), and Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (Vancouver). He  worked  for 19 years at the Asian  Development  Bank (ADB), where he oversaw teams responsible for education, knowledge management, health, and other bank operations.

Tim Ward

Tim Ward is the creator of the Resetting Our Future book series, and the publisher of Changemakers Books, which publishes books about personal and global transformation. He is the author of ten books, including Pro Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back into Politics. 


Bart Édes and Anne Kabagambe – How  Can We Prepare for the Next Great Disruption? is an afternoon webinar on Saturday, 27 March • 4:00-6:00 PM (GMT).

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