Wednesday, 10 March • 7:30-9:30 PM (GMT)

How can we embody a state of Love in the flow of life?  

Join renowned Somatic Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer Dr. Siegmar Gerken for a journey into embodying the flow of love, light and consciousness to open up new vistas and possibilities in your life.

Topics like the ‘Brain on Love’ are very popular these days. We all want to know how we function so that  we can ‘rewire’ our brains and  ‘switch on’ our love again through special techniques, substances or other reductionist  approaches.

However, we are a body, feelings, mind and consciousness/spirit. Love as resonance with the flow of life  unifies all these aspects and therefore affects every state of our life.  
A person in harmony with the flow of Love, Light and Consciousness will create coherence and communicate from a place of well-being,  peace, aliveness and fulfilment. In this state, one is open to  new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving – and ’ actively participates’ in  consciousness to access  unlimited potential. 
In his lecture Dr. Gerken will discuss these topics, explaining also his personal account with Near Death Experience when he was just 5 years old, and  the resulting sense of commitment to bring light into the world, especially into human bodies. His journey led him from  Krishnamurti and many other well-known world teachers, to Shamans, and ultimately to a collaboration with the physicist Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp for  his research in Infrared Analysis and Biophoton measurement. These document that we are all in fields of experiences,  existing on many levels, from the individual to the collective. By unifying these realities, we may express ourselves in the world with the Will of the  Heart , for the benefit of all life. 

Dr Siegmar Gerken

Siegmar Gerken, PhD, ECP, HP  (Psy​cho​ther​apy)  stud​ied psy​cho​logy, edu​ca​tion and an​thro​po​logy. He taught on the Fac​ulty of the JFK  University So​mat​ic Psy​chology De​part​ment, the Santa Bar​bara Gradu​ate In​stitute, the Esalen In​sti​tute, and the Be​ha​vi​or​al Ther​apy  Train​ing Insti​tute in Ham​burg. He teaches at uni​ver​sit​ies and private in​sti​tutions world​wide, on the in​ter​con​nec​ted​ness of psycho​so​mat​ic pro​cesses as they mani​fest on the levels of body, emo​tions, mind, will and consciousness. For almost 15 years, Dr Gerken also led  Change Management workshops at the Norwegian Defense University College. His re​search in en​ergy field doc​u​ment​a​tion with Prof.  F. A. Popp on coherence and psy​cho-emo​tion​al states opened new ho​ri​zons to scient​ists and prac​ti​tion​ers. He is co-founder of the Scientif​ic Com​mit​tee  of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy.  Dr. Gerken is a lec​turer, ther​api​st, train​er and su​per​visor with his wife Cornelia, Co-founder of the International Training Institute of Core Evolution® and CoreSoma® and of the International Institute for Energy and Consciousness. In his Energy, Love and Consciousness Programs™ he connects with the Essence within  to share empathy,  compassion and the wisdom of the Body-Mind, to meet our individual and collective challenges in Ecology, Environment and the sustaining of our planet.


Dr Siegmar Gerken – Love, Light and Consciousness is an evening webinar on Wednesday, 10 March • 7:30-9:30 PM (GMT).

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