Saturday, 17 October • 5:00–8:30 PM

Join us for an exclusive screening of the Director’s Cut of Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm as well as a Zoom panel discussion 

Film viewing: 5:00 PM (BST)
Panel Discussion: 7:00 – 8:30 PM (BST)


The Director’s Cut is the full-length version of the shorter film viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube with fascinating extra material, extended interviews including Yakir Aharonov and Leroy Little Bear and beautiful 3D animations showing the Quantum Potential, Non-locality and the Holographic Universe. The film also contains footage of 2020 Nobel Physics Laureate and Honorary SMN Member Sir Roger Penrose, OM, FRS reflecting on his time at Birkbeck with David Bohm and his extraordinarily fertile mind.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the full Director’s Cut and interact with our expert panellists: David Bohm’s close collaborator Professor Chris Dewdney, film director Paul Howard, physicist-philosopher Danah Zohar and science writer Dr Jim Baggott. 

Meet the panel: 

Paul Howard (Film Director)  

Paul Howard is a Film/Television Producer/Director of International repute with an enviable track record in documentary, television series and more recently in feature film production. Born in Ireland, Paul has worked across most disciplines in the film/television industry for over 25 years internationally in genres such as biography, natural history, the arts and sciences. Some recent successes include Marsh to the Skies, The secret Irish/American alliance that gave American access to Shannon Airport during the ‘Cold War’; The Irish in Hollywood, a documentary “special” on the cultural impact that the Irish have had on the famous Film Town; Bloomsday, a documentary celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses. 

Film Director Paul Howard pictured with the Dalai Lama

Dr Chris Dewdney 

Dr Chris Dewdney became involved in David Bohm’s group  during his PhD at Birkbeck College in London. Bohm’s 1952 hidden-variable theory was not discussed at the time and it was pure serendipity  that lead Chris to formulate his own PhD study demonstrating in detail how Bohm’s 1952 theory accounted for all of the “paradoxical” features of quantum theory, starting with the double-slit experiment. Whilst at Birkbeck Chris also produced the first computer generated motion picture animations of quantum tunnelling.  Chris’s work helped put de Broglie-Bohm theory centre stage in the foundations of quantum theory context. When he started out, Bohm’s approach was hardly considered, and none had carried out detailed calculations within the interpretation of quantum theory community; today it is considered a viable theory, and this is in some part due to Chris’ work. 

Danah Zohar

Danah Zohar is a management thought leader, physicist, philosopher and author. Her best-selling books include Spiritual Capital: Wealth We Can Live By and SQ – Spiritual Intelligence, The Ultimate Intelligence, which constitute ground-breaking work on SQ, spiritual intelligence and spiritual capital; ReWiring the Corporate Brain, The Quantum Society and The Quantum Self, previous work which extends the language and principles of quantum physics into a new understanding of human consciousness, psychology and social organisation. Zohar lectures widely throughout the world at conferences organised by UNESCO, The European Cultural Foundation, The Davos World Economic Forum, The World Business Academy, YPO, IFTDO (the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations), the British Cabinet Office, Japan’s Council for the Growth of Future Generations, The American National Education Association (NEA), Britain’s Work Foundation, and the Australian National Government. She has addressed members of The Swedish National Parliament and has worked with local government representatives and educators in several countries.

Dr Jim Baggott

Dr Jim Baggott is an award-winning science writer. He trained as a scientist, completing a doctorate in chemical physics at the University of Oxford in the early 80s, before embarking on post-doctoral research studies at Oxford and at Stanford University in California. Jim writes about science, science history and philosophy in what spare time he can find, and has published articles and book reviews in Aeon Magazine, Prospect, New Scientist, Nature, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Chemistry in Britain, Chemistry Review, The Times Higher Education Supplement, and other periodicals. His feature article on the discovery of buckminsterfullerene won the prestigious Glaxo Science Writers’ Award in 1992. His books have been highly acclaimed and include: The Quantum Story: A History in 40 Moments (2011), Higgs: The Invention and Discovery of the ‘God Particle’ (2012), Farewell to Reality: How Fairy-tale Physics Betrays the Search for Scientific Truth (2013), Origins: The Scientific Story of Creation (2015), and Mass: The Quest to Understand Matter from Greek Atoms to Quantum Fields (2017). His latest book, titled Quantum Space: Loop Quantum Gravity and the Search for the Structure of Space, Time, and the Universe, was published by Oxford University Press in 2018.


Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm – Director’s Cut Film and Panel Discussion is an evening webinar on Saturday, 17 October • 7:00–8:30 PM (BST).

Please note: this is a two-stage event.
1. Once you register you will be sent the Vimeo film link of the film on Friday, 16 October. Please watch this film no later than 5:00 pm on Saturday. 
2. The Zoom panel discussion will then start promptly at 7:00 pm on the Saturday. 


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