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What is the future of religion and spirituality in a ‘post-truth’ world?

Join renowned philosopher and theologian Keith Ward for a journey through his personal philosophy as a justification for holding a spiritual world view in our time.

Keith will review the contribution of perennial philosophy in relation to the views of radical theologians and consider the rise of pluralismdiversity and interfaith dialogue in creating a climate of tolerance in the face of religious extremism and fundamentalism. In his recent book, he explores how, since the European Enlightenment, religions have had to face new, existential challenges. He asks if there is a future for religions, how they will have to change and if they can co-exist peacefully. Applying historical and philosophical approaches, Keith brings new insights to these questions, exploring how we can establish truth among so many diverse religions. He will explain how religions have evolved over time and how they are reacting to the challenges posed by new scientific and moral beliefs. He argues that we should celebrate the diversity in the worlds religions and find ways forward in terms of religious tolerance and co-existence. 

Prof Keith Ward

Keith writes: I have been an academic virtually all my working life, teaching philosophy, theology, and religious studies at various times. So I am an academic, with all the shortcomings that implies. I am interested in intellectual problems, in arguments and theories, and I largely depend on other people for finding out facts. I am, by nature and conviction, an Idealist philosopher, somebody who believes in the supremacy of Spirit or Mind, and who thinks that the material universe is an expression or creation of a Supreme Mind. I see religions as very ambiguous but probably necessary ways of giving humans some awareness of this Supreme Mind. I am a Christian, and became a priest of the Church of England in 1972. But I have an interest in the many diverse ways in which humans have sought spiritual truth, and in trying to understand what these various paths may have to teach.  I think the main task for religious believers today is to ensure that their beliefs are conducive to human flourishing and, so far as is possible, to the flourishing of all sentient beings; to relate ancient religious beliefs to the modern scientific world view; and to see their own faith in a truly global context. 

That gives an idea of who I am, and explains why my books fall into three main classes – philosophy, religion, and Christian theology. Virtually all my books have been, rather selfishly, ways of working out what I believe, but they have also responded to particular situations which have in my view shown misunderstandings of the sort of philosophy and religion I adhere to – and those misunderstandings are legion, and growing (which is why I have written so many books)! 

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