Friday, April 5th: Pre-Conference Workshop
Saturday, April 6th
Sunday, April 7th

The Path to Freedom: Attaining Nonsymbolic Consciousness

This all-day workshop is not included in the standard conference ticket.

For the last 12+ years the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Experience has conducted the largest global research effort into so-called "higher-levels of consciousness" such as: enlightenment, nonduality, persistent mystical experience, ‘the peace that passeth understanding’, unity consciousness, and many more. Collectively, these are referred to as persistent forms of non-symbolic experience (PNSE).

The most important findings from this research regarding transitioning to PNSE are: 1) It’s important to find and use the most successful methods, 2) It’s important to find the best method that matches to you right now, and 3) even if a method has helped produce extraordinary progress in the past, it’s important to let go of it when it stops working.

For the last 5 years, the Center has conducted an experiment aimed at assisting people to reach PNSE. Close to 1,000 participants have been involved thus far, with approximately 70% of people who complete the programme transitioning to ongoing forms of non-symbolic experience. This workshop will be a mini-form of this experiment.

The center’s director, Dr. Jeffery A. Martin, will cover the important aspects of how to design your own programme to ensure maximum success for your own transition, and you’ll experience and experiment with some of the best methods uncovered during the research to see which might be a fit for you.

The overall goal is for you to leave this workshop with a working understanding of how to design and create a working protocol that you can use to reach PNSE in a safe, rapid and reliable way.

Dr Jeffery A. Martin, PhD

Spiritual Technologies, Old and New

We know that technology - particularly smart-phones - can be an impediment to attention and spiritual development. But humans have also always used technologies as a means to spiritual experience and spiritual development, from cave paintings to rosaries to meditation apps. This talk will consider how we can use the objects and technologies in our habitat to help us develop wise habits.
Jules Evans

Protecting The Essential Qualities of The Human Heart In The Digital Age

As technology advances at an exponential rate in the 21st century, we are at risk of giving away what is most precious about being human. This talk will ask important...
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Louis Weinstock

The Invisible Effects of Social Media

When we think about social media, we may think about those posts by our friends showing off what a wonderful holiday they are having, embarrassing pics posted of drunken office party, politically charged comments or scathing guest reviews of restaurants. This talk explores a series of studies conducted to understand the invisible processes that shape these online actions and provides evidence that the effects are now felt in our ‘offline’ behaviours. In other words, does social media have a chilling or a warming effect on our lives in reality? Are we making ourselves prisoners or more productive?
Dr Ben Marder, PhD

Co-creating the Whole-System Technology of the Future from the Heart – Together and an Infinite World Game (IWG)

The tools we innovate and share, the tools which will lead humanity and consciousness into a thriving future, must be fertilized and co-created with nothing less than the most inspired sense of love, compassion, and joy. What does it take to co-create a whole-systems platform to catalyze a viral movement for the emergence of a new human civilization rooted in love and unity consciousness? How can we harness the immense power of technology and breakthrough innovation in every sector of human society to turn the tide from a separation-machine age way of creating to true Co-creation from the heart, where we recognize and take responsibility for our true power as creators and join our genius in a win-win-infinite win synergy in service to life?
Andrea Harding
Aansan Yeh
Bret A. Warshawsky
Mona Rabie

Transcendence Technology: What is it, why is it, and how is it working? (Via Videolink)

Transcendence Technology is a term coined to describe technology built to support the cross-cultural and mystical experience of self-transcendence. In this address, Dr. Mossbridge will outline motivations for creating the...
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Dr Julia Mossbridge, PhD


Dr Peter Fenwick, MBBS

A Continuum of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience in Adults

Persistent non-symbolic experiences (PNSE) have been reported for millennia and are generally attributed to spiritual and religious contexts, although atheists and agnostics also report them. Popular terms for them include: nondual awareness, enlightenment, mystical experiences, peak experiences, transcendental experience, the peace that passeth understanding, unity consciousness, union with God, and so forth. Most are temporary, but some individuals report a persistent form of them.  For over a decade, our research project has sought to map this experience in thousands of adults. Methods used included long semi-structured interviews, a wide variety of gold standard psychometric measures, physiological measurement, and experimentation. Five core, consistent categories of change were uncovered: sense-of-self, cognition, emotion, perception, and memory. Participants’ reports formed clusters in which the types of change in each of these categories were consistent. Multiple clusters were uncovered that formed a range of types of possible PNSE experiences.
Dr Jeffery A. Martin, PhD

Living Awe: the art and science of self-transcendence- Talk and musical performance

Have you ever had that momentary sense of the world coming to a standstill, where you feel but a tiny part of some grand and yet inscrutable vastness. This is...
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Dr Xander Stell, PhD

Relationships in a Digital Age

Georgia Parkin and Charlotte Lorimer are the co-hosts of The Figure, a podcast in which they talk about three figures – a person, a number and an image. This project...
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Georgia Parkin
Charlotte Lorimer

Virtual Reality and Near-Death Experience

To showcase the utility of new technologies for spiritual development and transformative education we offer a virtual reality workshop called Death is Fake News, which is based on a conceptual...
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Jose Montemayor

Live interview via videolink

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Dr Iain McGilchrist, MD