Co-creating the Whole-System Technology of the Future from the Heart – Together and an Infinite World Game (IWG)

“…The mystical state becomes grounded and manifested in spirit-motivated social action..”.

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”, Father John Culkin

The tools we innovate and share, the tools which will lead humanity and consciousness into a thriving future, must be fertilized and co-created with nothing less than the most inspired sense of love, compassion, and joy. What does it take to co-create a whole-systems platform to catalyze a viral movement for the emergence of a new human civilization rooted in love and unity consciousness? How can we harness the immense power of technology and breakthrough innovation in every sector of human society to turn the tide from a separation-machine age way of creating to true Co-creation from the heart, where we recognize and take responsibility for our true power as creators and join our genius in a win-win-infinite win synergy in service to life?

The Together team is a co-creative organism (made up of several organisations and individuals) that has been on a deep quest to unfold the mystery behind these questions and translate their lived experiences into a holographic whole-system platform for planetary co-creation called the ‘Infinite World Game’. It is clear for them that technology (in all its forms) is indeed an affair of the heart which is a part of nature and not separate from it. For this hour, they will share their story of becoming, their story of transformation, and key learnings and insights about the nature of the radical shift required for humanity to create in new ways that can truly enable us to go

from breakdown to breakthrough. They will share ‘why’ and ‘how’ they are co-creating technology of the future from their hearts. This will include a presentation and ample time to dialogue with the audience as well as some demonstration of early alpha prototype software coming into being.

Some of the themes and topics to be shared and explored include:

  • How natural science and living systems (nature’s creative laws, structures, processes, principles) and the premise that ‘we are life co-creating as life’ are informing the design of the ‘organic technology’ and whole system (including its new economic and social systems for co-creation) of the IWG
  • The shift from patriarchal-machine-age-era technology to technology co-created in harmony with life – what this shift entails (we can share from our own experience as we have been living it) when we are creating from this different space and harmonizing the masculine and feminine forces in love for powerful co-innovation.
  • Articulating the elements of a Whole system (including holographic tech with many and no centers, new current-sees, synergistic governance harnessing our collective intelligence) that has the elements for enabling a viral scalable organic process and movement of co-creation for the planet
  • The fractal nature of the IWG and how personal and collective realization are intertwined and the different elements of the system that all work together to enable a quantum leap.

Who are we?

Together is the seed of a planetary movement co-creating the co-creative operating system of this movement called the Infinite World Game ( ). This is currently a small collective of 6 unique individuals and 3 organizations coming ‘Together’ to form a new whole, a whole that acts as one synergistic co-creative organism greater than the sum of its selves. They are backed by an extensive network around the world of those who contribute in many ways towards the Infinite World Game.