07 Apr 2019

Virtual Reality and Near-Death Experience

To showcase the utility of new technologies for spiritual development and transformative education we offer a virtual reality workshop called Death is Fake News, which is based on a conceptual representation of a near-death experience (NDE). Through 360-degree immersive storytelling, it brings you into the life of someone who is unconsciously caught up in the negative consequences of modern living. The embodied Mindful VR experience facilitates an empathic resonance with this character’s perspective, mindset, and body. The NDE begins as the participant fully embodies this character at the moment their mind/body reaches its limits and forcefully demands attention.

At the moment the body says “Enough”, the mind and consciousness are freed to explore the experience of dying.

Participants explore various stages of an NDE, as detailed in the medical literature by those given a second chance at life. They are invited to a life review, raising awareness of global, social and relational issues facing all of humanity today. They explore an afterlife realm which prompts a wider view of what it means to be human; in this life … at this time. They travel through real and imagined environments made of holographic light, sacred geometry, and complex fractals. They experience a rebirth and invited to consider how they will proceed now that they have this precious “second chance”.