Jose Montemayor

Multidisciplinary visual artist


Jose Montemayor  is a multidisciplinary visual artist and visionary pioneer whose work is transcending traditional media. In his early 20s, Jose began to search for deeper meaning in his life and work, which led him into a series of self-discovery expeditions and experiences both in the outer and in his inner world.Since 2015, Jose has developed “Virtual Awakening” a transformative virtual learning platform that brings art, technology, science, and spirituality together. This virtual learning environment aims to design & create a vast collection of conscious immersive media that catalyzes insights of an ontological and ecological awareness through Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies.

Jose is also contributing for the building of an emergent movement within these immersive technologies  called “The Cyberdelic Society” which brings together a community of psychonauts, cybernauts, scientists, visionaries and artists that are ethically exploring, designing and developing “Cyberdelic Technologies” aiming to open a gateway of extending and expanding our understanding of altered states of consciousness, and harnessing the mental health benefits of exceptional experiences.

Jose’s multidisciplinary work explores areas ranging from 3D animation, photography, virtual cinematography, photogrammetry, art installations, projection mapping, live visuals for music (VJ), and programming VR and MR experiences.

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