Louis Weinstock

Psychotherapist & Coach


Professionally, I am a therapist, a coach, a meditation teacher, and a social entrepreneur, but to be honest with you, I feel uncomfortable with all of these labels. I am really just like you: a human being with a heart, seeking to reduce suffering and bring joy to myself and in the world.

I have specialised in the last 16 years supporting children, families, and adults to thrive, by helping them get free them from emotional and practical blockages. I have achieved this though a private practice, as well as working with local authorities, in Tier 4 mental health services, as a drug and alcohol counsellor, and for charities such as Centrepoint and Kids Company, where I helped design and then manage a therapeutic education provision for some of London’s most damaged teenagers. I worked at a Hospice in Hackney providing emotional support to children and families when a parent or someone close to them is dying or has died. I have also worked as a Consultant on issues related to psychological, and spiritual wellbeing, consulting organisations such as Headspace, where I helped conceive a mindfulness app for kids. I co-founded a social enterprise, Bounce Works, which is a foundry for creating digitally connected products designed to help reverse the growing mental health crisis.

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