Anaiya Sophia is a Mystic, Storyteller and Author of Revelatory Wisdom. She teaches workshops throughout the world and is best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening. Known for showing up as a trailblazing resource of unapologetic truth and transparent courage, her heart is both fierce and tender.  She carries an oral message that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that has preserved its spiritual dignity throughout the centuries, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source. Her books include: Womb Wisdom (Inner Traditions, 2011), Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions, 2013), Sacred Relationships (Inner Traditions, 2015) and

Fierce Feminine Rising (Inner Traditions, 2020).

Her recent book Fierce Feminine Rising:  Heal from Predatory Relationships and Recentre Your Personal Power reveals a map, a template that she was given as she wrote the book. It is the map of our absolute awakening, our return to the heart. Believing in uncompromising truth, reckless beauty and courageous love, knowing that life is worth more than money and that there is nothing greater, nothing more important, nothing more sacred than protecting the sacred spirit deep within all life. With whatever time we have left Anaiya is even more committed to address head-on the many challenges that stand in our way and to ensure the birth of a Golden Age in our footsteps.

Anaiya has also designed her own clothing range, which she calls Anaiya’s Wardrobe.  She has also created her own range of anointing oils, called SOPHIA Temple Oils. She lives in the Occitan region of Southern France with her beloved husband Pete Wilson. Together they run a B & B in the beautiful village of Puivert, called Occitania Bed and Breakfast where individuals and small groups can come and stay.  ( and

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